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Bonjour and welcome to the “37 Chocolates” blog! My name is Estelle Tracy, I am a chocolate addict, French food bloggerauthor, and social media strategist, and you may know me from the 37 Chocolates challenge. In June of 2015, I committed to sample 37 US-made chocolates by my 37th birthday on Halloween of that year. What started as a delicious excuse to eat a lot of chocolate turned out to be a life-changing journey that revealed my passion for craft chocolate and the people behind their bars. Needless to say, I have not stopped eating or reviewing chocolate.

The challenge was originally documented on my YouTube channel then promoted on Facebook and Instagram  (check #37chocolates.) My 2016 resolution is to gather all my reviews on this blog, as well as share interviews with chocolate-makers, feature new artisans, share my thoughts on the perfect chocolate bar size, and what makes a good chocolate-wrapper.

Until then, enjoy my introductory video dated June 2015 – note that I have learned to relax since.



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