It’s happening: Online Chocolate Tasting

They say showing up is half the battle. While the adage has proven true for me, there has been days last month where I couldn’t find the strength to answer a simple email. Maybe you’ve felt that way, too.

When I first started hosting live tastings on the 37 Chocolates Facebook page, I was feeling sad about I’d lost and scared about the future. But you kept showing up, so I started focusing on the next video I’d host instead of the local tastings I’d cancelled. Slowly but surely, I started feeling hopeful again.

Thank you so much for tuning in every Tuesday and Thursday at 3 PM ET on Facebook. Interacting with you has been one of the greatest joys of this quarantine (Bonjour Claire! Hello Juanett!). I’ve been lucky to rely on your support in these crazy times and I’m grateful for the orders you insisted on placing on the 37 Chocolates online shop. You helped me get back on my (chocolate) feet and support my beloved chocolate-makers. I appreciate your trust in the selection and loved hearing how the Tasting Set challenged your perception of chocolate. Here’s my favorite testimonial from Dorothy in Texas.

“The Acalli 51% bar is delightful! Wouldn’t have tried it without your recommendation. You are an authentic chocolate sommelier.”

I am grateful.

If you’d like to keep up online shop updates (the next tasting set will be available soon and I won’t talk about it here), please sign up to the 37 Chocolates newsletter. It’s the best way to keep in touch.

Upcoming (Online) Events

Photo by Rodrigo Flores on Unsplash

Next on the chocolate agenda, a Zoom chocolate tasting on Sunday, May 31 inspired by the cacao trip I took in Colombia last year. Tickets are $50 per household and include three full size Castronovo Chocolate bars.

To avoid shipping delays, the event is limited to US residents only and tickets must be purchased by Friday, May 22.  Sign up info is available here. Attendance is limited to 12 screens and there are already only 5 spots left! The event is SOLD OUT!

I’ve scheduled another tasting on Sunday, June 7, on the same topic and with the same chocolate bars. Sign up information is available here. I hope to see you on my tablet one either one of these days.

I look forward to seeing you online this month. Until then, be safe and eat chocolate!