I am a freelance writer, speaker, and a chocolate educator in the Philadelphia area. For collaborations, partnerships, to submit a story idea, or schedule a chocolate tasting workshop, drop me a line at I’m very opinionated on the information I believe makers should provide on a chocolate wrapper (please -oh-please,  no more “winnowing” on the back of package!), so if you’d like to solicit my feedback, please go ahead!

I regularly host tasting workshops in Chester County. On a typical, 90-minute workshop, you’ll sample cacao beans and 4-6 different chocolates. Please sign up to the 37 Chocolates newsletter to be notified of the next tasting event.

My book:

Guide de survie alimentaire aux Etats-Unis, a food survival guide for French expats in the US available in French.

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You can also find me on ChocoRush’s blog.