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I am a freelance writer, speaker, and chocolate sommelier in the Philadelphia area. For collaborations, partnerships, or schedule a chocolate tasting, drop me a line at

My mission is to make fine chocolate accessible and available to the widest number. As such, I work with makers to create engaging wrappers (please-oh-please,  no more “winnowing” on the back of package!). Some of my clients include Kosak in Paris, France, and Qantu in Montreal, Canada. Read more about my philosophy here and contact me if you think we can work together.

I regularly host tasting workshops in Chester County, Pennsylvania. On a typical, 90-minute workshop, you’ll sample cacao beans and 3-5 different chocolates. Please sign up to the 37 Chocolates newsletter to be notified of the next tasting event or contact me at to schedule a private tasting.

Recent Articles

I also develop education content for customers in the chocolate industry. In 2017, I wrote 10 articles for Bar & Cocoa’s blog.

My French Books


Guide de survie alimentaire aux Etats-Unis, a food survival guide for French expats in the US available in French.


Un amour de myrtille, 10 blueberry recipes inspired by Pennsylvania.

Couverture recettes de survie

Recettes de survie aux États-Unis, 25 recipes for French expats in the US.