Estelle Chocolat

Bonjour! I’m Estelle Tracy, a food writer and chocolate sommelier based in Chester County, in the Philadelphia area. My chocolate journey started with the 37 Chocolates challenge: in June of 2015, I committed to sample 37 US-made chocolates by my 37th birthday on Halloween of that year. What started as a delicious excuse to eat a lot of chocolate turned out to be a life-changing journey that revealed my passion for craft chocolate and the people behind these bars. As I reviewed my 10th bar, I realized that micro-batch, handcrafted chocolate carried the personality of a maker. This was a complete revelation for me and, from then on, I became obsessed with finding the personality of each bar.

ChocolateWinePairing-3843 (2)
Leading a wine & chocolate pairing event at Galer Estate Winery in Kennett Square. Photo: Becca Mathias Photography.

Since 2016, I’ve shared that passion through chocolate tastings at wineries and private clubs, both nationally and internationally. During the year, I lead tastings in Chester County and organize wine and chocolate pairings in private golf and country clubs. I also work with private clients and companies to create memorable chocolate-themed parties and team bonding events. Please email me at estelle(at) 37chocolates.com to learn more and sign up to my newsletter to keep up with upcoming events.

The 37 Chocolates challenge was originally documented on my YouTube channel then promoted on Facebook and Instagram (check #37chocolates.) I started the blog the following tear to continue the conversation. Here, you’ll find interviews with chocolate-makers, feature new artisans, share my thoughts on the perfect chocolate bar size, and what makes a good chocolate-wrapper. I hope you enjoy.

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