December 2020 Online Chocolate Tasting Schedule + A Spicy Chai Bar

Last Sunday, I hosted an online chocolate tasting with Karl and Marina Hogarth of Hogarth Chocolate in New Zealand. We tried four amazing bars, including a rich gianduia and a playful sweet potato milk chocolate. I was thrilled to see many familiar faces on my screen and left the Zoom hangout with a massive smile on my face.

Building the 37 Chocolates online tasting community has been the highlight of my year. Seeing you show up over and again for these chocolate hangouts fill me with so much joy, that I’ve planned not one but TWO chocolate tastings next month. Read on to learn more about what’s in store and if you’d like to order some Hogarth Chocolate bars, you can do so on the 37 Chocolates e-shop (you’ve got to try the Buttered Toast & Sea Salt Bar!)

Here’s what Adel said about the Hogarth Chocolate chocolate love fest:

“It was such a great event, again. You seem to have a steady group of followers and it’s starting to feel like meeting up with friends when we gather at your tastings. You have an amazing ability to assemble a collection of bars that everyone enjoys, may they be newcomers or seasoned pro tasters. I’m always happy to participate.”

Upcoming Events

On Sunday, December 6, you’ll have a chance to meet Carol Morse, founder of Acalli Chocolate in New Orleans. Her company was on Melissa Clarks’ list of top 13 chocolate-makers for the New York Times last February but it’s been on mine for years! Five years ago, the 65% Milk & Nibs bar blew my taste buds away with its bold, tart fruit notes and, to this day, it remains one of my desert island chocolate. 

Carol Morse, Founder of Acalli Chocolate

During the two-hour tasting, you’ll get to sample the three bars pictured above + a mystery dark chocolate. This tasting is for you if you love boldly flavored chocolate. Tickets are $58 per US household.

The following week, on Saturday, December 12, you’ll discover three bars by Violet Sky, a chocolate-maker based in South Bend, Indiana. Founder Hans Westerink is a chocolate poet and I’ve been a fan of his work since the 37 Chocolates challenge. His chocolate is silky smooth, with lots of nuanced flavors. Hans already added the event to his (very full) calendar and I’m excited for his participation!

Tickets for the tasting are $52/household and include three 77% (vegan) dark chocolate bars: one single origin (either Venezuela or Guatemala), another made with Bourbon barrel-aged cacao nibs, and a bar coated with maple sugar.

For this last ticketed event of 2020, I’ve also asked chocolate educator Hazel Lee to join the party. Hazel lives in the UK and she’s the creator of the Taste with Colour Chocolate Flavour map pictured with the Violet Sky bars. She’ll be telling us how connecting flavor with color inspired her to create her map. 

New on the 37 Chocolates Shop

In four words: dark chocolate + spicy chai.

In three words: I am obsessed.

You can order it here.

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