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Online Chocolate Tastings

A virtual chocolate tasting is a delicious & inclusive way to thank your colleagues for their hard work and your clients for their business; it’s also a fun way to bond with distant family & friends. Whether you want to celebrate the completion of a project with a small team or host a holiday party for your whole company, I’ll create an online event that will have attendees still raving about the next day.

To schedule a private online chocolate tasting, please fill out this form and I’ll get back to you within 48 hours. Alternatively, you can drop me a line at or call me at ‪(610) 306-2350 between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM Eastern Time to plan an event within a week or less within the US and Canada.

Finding the right experience provider for your event can be tricky, so let me help you by sharing what sets my chocolate tastings apart.

I’m a chocolate connoisseur, not a choco-snob // White chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate: I eat them all. Whether you feel the same or swear by the dark stuff, you’ll feel welcome at my events. Your tasting kit will include at least two single origin dark chocolate bars and one with a sweet inclusion (think cherries or potato chips), to satisfy a wide range of tastes. Good to know: the bars I curate are all made with transparently traded cacao beans.

International attendees are welcome // As you’ll guess from my accent, I’m originally from France: while I lead the majority of my events in English, you can trust me to host successful tastings in French. Oh, and does your group include international attendees? Fantastic, we’ll leverage my international network of chocolate partners to have kits shipped to multiple countries, including (but not limited to!) Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, France, India, New Zealand, the UK, and more.

Details matter // I believe your chocolate tasting starts when you open your chocolate package, which is why I hand wrap all chocolate bars in tissue paper and include a personalized handwritten note in each shipment. Sure, these details take extra time, but they are the difference between a good and great chocolate tasting experience.

I can create wine & chocolate pairings // Pre-COVID, I used to lead wine and chocolate pairing events at private clubs and wineries in the Philadelphia area. I’ve been lucky to learn about wine from award-winning winemakers, passionate sommeliers, and natural wine distributors, and I want to pass that knowledge on to you. You can learn about my approach to pairings here and, if you’re intrigued, fill out this form so we can plan an event.

You can call me // Does your event have a tight turnaround time? Will it include international attendees? If so, forget about email – we should talk to craft the right event for your team. You can reach me at (610) 306-2350.

Customer Testimonials

37 Chocolates is proud to have a prestigious list of clients, which include the most famous internet search engine, national law firms, a State bar association, and an NFL football team. While I could have inserted a list of client logos below, I’ve chosen to include individual testimonials because I ultimately serve people.

Pay it forward

Rated 5 out of 5
June 7, 2022

Estelle was wonderful in assisting me to surprise a colleague for a job well done! She was super responsive and helped make the surprise chocolate gift a great hit with the company which in turn led to other colleagues paying it forward! Thanks again Estelle and 37 Chocalates!

Valerie Jean

“You are very well suited to lead these classes. I appreciated your efforts to draw participation by all the guests and that your joyful personality really came through. This can be challenging with a virtual format but it worked because of you.” – Cathy

“You were fantastic! We had the most wonderful evening.  Thank you so very much for an extraordinary experience.” – Elisa 

Thank you so much for hosting our chocolate tasting yesterday! The team really enjoyed the event and loved your stories a lot. We were still talking about it this morning!” – Valerie

“Estelle, thank you so much! That was exactly what we all needed. Everyone is still raving about the tasting.” – Eva

” I really enjoyed how you interacted with the whole group, and the lightness… it felt like I was sitting in an actual room with people… I was really happy to feel the ‘humanity’ during yesterday’s session.” – Shobitha

“Just want to say thanks you for being so professional and what a pleasure it is working with you… People still singing your praises about the event : )” – Kristine

“I had such a wonderful time at your chocolate tasting this evening—thank you for an event that was as delicious as it was fascinating! Such an incredible group of participants, too! I loved hearing about the single origin … chocolate bars, and they are some of the best chocolate I’ve had. It reminded me of a family trip to Ecuador a few years back, where we visited a cacao plantation and got to see their whole growing, roasting and chocolate-making operation. 
I’m so glad I got to participate, and I look forward to future events.” – Trudy, California 

Thank you so much for today’s tasting. We had a lot of fun. It was so nice to see Maxime and Elfi again today. Their chocolates are so good! My kids also really like all the chocolates. We have attended so many tastings and it’s always fun but having a good host is so important. We can’t wait for your next event. Thank you!Jacqueline

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