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The “37 Chocolates” Recap

Nashville-based maker Olive & Sinclair uses the prettiest wrappers.

If you’d like to follow in my chocolate footsteps, here is a list of the 37 chocolates I sampled as part of my challenge. Be warned, though, 37 is a bigger number than you think! A few facts about the challenge:

Ready for the recap? You can watch my review of each chocolate by simply clicking on the name of each variety. Please leave a comment if you’d like to report a broken link, share tasting notes, or recommend some bars. Thanks and enjoy the reviews!

LA-based maker LetterPress Chocolate customized the wrapper of the Ucuyali bar for my challenge.

The 37 Chocolates Recap

* marks a personal favorite

Introductory Video

#1: Theo, Dark Chocolate Salted Almond

#2: Endangered Species, 72% Dark Chocolate with Bluberries

#3: Ghirardelli, Midnight Dream, 60% Dark Chocolate

#4: Scharffen Berger, 70% Bittersweet Dark Chocolate

#5: Twenty-Four Blackbirds, Madagascar, 72% Dark Chocolate

#6: Woodblock Chocolate, Dark Milk Chocolate

#7: TCHO, 70% Ghana Chocolate

#8: Acalli, 65% Dark Milk Chocolate with Nibs*

#9: Mast Brothers, Dark Goat Milk Chocolate

Please read this article on Quartz before considering purchasing Mast Brothers chocolate.

#10: Woodblock Chocolate, Sea Salt and Nibs Dark Chocolate

#11: Taza, Vanilla 50% Dark Chocolate

#12: Olive and Sinclair, 75% Dark Chocolate*

#13: Nathan Miller, Buttermilk 55% Dark Chocolate*

#14: Scharffen Berger, Pistachio 72% Dark Chocolate (contains milk)

#15: TCHO, Cocoa, 53% Milk Chocolate*

#16: Potomac Chocolate, Cuyagua, 70% Dark Chocolate*

#17: Cacao Atlanta, Patanemo*

#18: Taza Cinnamon Disc, 50% Dark Chocolate

#19: Guittard Chocolate Chips, 55% Cacao*

#20 and 21: Mast Brothers, Cow Milk and Brooklyn Blend

Please read this article on Quartz before considering purchasing Mast Brothers chocolate.

#22 and 23: Chuao, Salted Chocolate Crunch and Firecracker

#24: TCHO, Mokaccino, Milk Chocolate*

#25 and 26: Dick Taylor, Belize and Black Fig Bars*

#27, 28, and 29: Dandelion Chocolate Tasting Set – Mantuano, Venezuela, San Francisco de Macorís, Dominican Republic, and Ambanja, Madagascar*

#30: LetterPress Chocolate, Maranon Bar, 70% Dark Chocolate*

#31: LetterPress Chocolate, Mystery Bar, 70% Dark Chocolate*

#32: Violet Sky, Belize, 77% Dark Chocolate with Candied Lavender & Vanilla Dust*

#33, Violet Sky, Banana Split, White Chocolate

#34 and 35, Chocolate Alchemist, Clasico and Philly Blend*

#36 and 37, Map Chocolate, Dear Mr. Finley and Le Chocolat Chaud*

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